08 August 2006

Oped: I Am no Longer a Member of Any Political Party

Lately, with all the babble and bicker coming from literally all directions on all topics..My head is splitting open.
In all honesty, it's gotten ridiculous and childish.

The "liberal Bloggers" spend more time whining and bitching like my wife when she's "PMS-ing" then actual political Bloggers and the Right wing "Freepers" are still narrow minded for the most part and filled with hate and follow their leaders with blind faith regardless.

Then there's the people in the middle...
TO many are acting , well, at least on the outside that they really don't care unless it affects them directly. Those are the "Zombies", we see them in traffic, in the cars next to us, walking on the streets of Manhattan with their "IPODS" on their heads and in the lines in the supermarket.

My Problem first with the Majority of the Democratic Party is that is has divided and they are really unsure of their direction. If anyone can truly tell me their direction, I'd love to hear it because right now all I hear is whining and complaining. Face it, we have to deal with this administration (though not quietly) for a few more years. Yes, congress may turn democratic this Nov. then things could get interesting but it still won't change the fact that Bush is here and an impeachment of Bush would only result in Cheney, who is much worse and much more dangerous...

Then you have the Americablog and"Daily Kos" Crowd. They were very good not too long ago but lately...since Howard Dean became an embarrassment, these sites and many more like them have become a haven for whining and moaning.. I wish they'd focus on more important issues rather than the "anti being anti-gay Bush agenda", "Abortion", which in my heart is not a good thing..When has 1 of these sites come up with any ideas or solutions to our crashing economic situation??? Do these Bloggers even know about our economy? The history of our economy?
War... Does pulling out our troops from Iraq, really solve anything???
Look, I don't support the reasons we went to war either but...we're there people!!! We have to support what we DO have and pray for their safe return...We Cannot remove all 150K troops on the ground and expect Iraq to flourish yet....I feel that in time...Iraq will be Ok..once we meddle less and let them reate their own "Destiny", whatever path they may choose. I feel we need to be paying a little more attention to the neighbours over in Iran who can literally "blindside" our sitting ducks in Iraq..
In all, we will need approx 10 Years Minimum to assist the Iraqi people in creating a successful Infrastructure and creating new technology etc.
Cindy Sheehan does NOTHING for the cause of the party...Yes, her son died and we do mourn greatly However, she is treading in waters she may be unsure of with her Israel Bashing, she's starting to sound like Jeff Rense more than a lady who's son died in Iraq.
There is a silent battle raging between the "Centrists and "Leftists" within the Democratic Party and I fear it will kill the party in time..
Remember folks...you have an Election coming in 2008 that will require unity...

I see the same happening on the Republican side as well..
I do not support abortion YET I do not support Capitol Punishment. Am I wrong or something that your party lacks: CONSISTENT?????
Face it, what God Creates, God takes away, Not Man, right???
I do believe in having a strong armed forces and I also believe that Diplomacy does not always work and sometimes you must use force.
My problem with the party has to do with 1 thing. "Blind Slaughter" of your own.
You, some of you anyway are "Sheep" being led blindly into your own demise and a demise with the party. Bush and the RNC are not the "Pied Pipers"..You are not the Rats yet you unfortunately cannot see it. It's sad and makes you look more ignorant than you'd be. My advice to you is "Wake the Fuck up" and do Not be afraid to question and dissent your own government. Remember, it's what the Founding Fathers EXPECT you to do.......

"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it... "
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