17 October 2006

Cafferty on CNN Today:Report that Hezboula has inflitrated US through Mexican Border

An attack from Hezbollah would almost certainly trigger war with Iran. The USS Eisenhower will be in the Persian Gulf on Saturday. The Election is a couple weeks away and now we are starting to get news reports that Hezbollah has inflitrated the United States.>

CAFFERTY: I'm just kidding. On to "The File" -- very serious stuff here. It's been confirmed now that members of terrorist organizations are entering the United States from Mexico. That's great, isn't it? Part of a new congressional report released by Texas Congressman Mike McCaul, the report says that drug cartels are the root problem that need to be addressed in order to secure the border. McCaul is also concerned that drug traffickers could use their delivery roots to smuggle terrorists or weapons of mass destructions into the United States.

And give them enough time and that's probably what will happen. The report indicates Hezbollah members have already come here from Mexico, supporters of other Islamic radical groups like Hamas are currently active in Latin America. Not only are terrorists slipping into this country from Mexico but if they ever decide to smuggle in WMDs, well the drug cartels probably give them a hand for the right price and yet our government here in this country continues to do nothing.


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