29 October 2006

'Meteor' caused mystery explosion


Anonymous Ancient One said...

Thats total rubbish...

I live not so far from this area and it is so unlikely that there was no aircraft especially when the skies at the moment are chock a block with aircraft from St Mawgen, Yeovilton, as well as large amounts of B-52 sightings, AWACS sightings etc.

I reckon it was a US craft attending at St Mawgen and disregarded the law on going supersonic over the UK, I am working up a piece on overflights in the UK at this moment as we get passed over by B-52's many times a month and the two stunt (unmarked special ops) C-130's are back once again, spinning and ducking across the Dorset and Wiltshire counties.

9:07 PM  

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