22 July 2006

Calling All Wingnuts-Mike Stark Booted From Hannity's "Freedom Concert"

Confirmed: Senate will hold hearings on Bolton nomination, setting stage for new fight

Ted Koppel: 'United States is already at war with Iran'

Bush - Stoned? Drunk? Medicated? Retarded? Presidential Tester for the Pharmaceutical Industry? You Decide........

There Could Have Been Peace

NASA’s Goals Delete Mention of Home Planet

From 2002 until this year, NASA’s mission statement, prominently featured in its budget and planning documents, read: “To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.”

In early February, the statement was quietly altered, with the phrase “to understand and protect our home planet” deleted.

Russia signs $1bln aircraft contract with Venezuela-Ivanov

Tomahawk cruise missile closes down US highway after accident

Debka File: Syrian fighter pilots in cockpits in preparation for war with Israel

***Breaking**** Israeli Tanks and Troops Enter Lebanon

Handwritten letter from President Saddam Hussein to the American people. 7 July 2006.

Clinton singing 'Imagine' with Israeli singer Liel and Israeli/Arab Children


Don't forget this remix as well:---->

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general

Prodi faces test over extradition of 26 CIA agents

Who Will Prosecute Bush for a Double Felony?

Islamist call to arms in Somalia

The leader of Somalia's Islamist movement has urged his countrymen to wage a "holy war" against Ethiopia.

I don't know abou you, but these guys look much scarier than the typical Islamist

21 July 2006

Mystery surrounds New York blackouts

The forced poisoning of Abraham Cherrix, the tyranny of modern medicine, and state-sponsored assaults on health freedom

An Inconvenient Truth and An Intolerable Summer

U.S. Successfully Completes Missile Test

Taiwan Stages Large-Scale Military Exercise


"GOD" Found Spelled On Alligator

The drums of war sound for Iran

20 July 2006

Coulter Jokes to Reporter About Mailing White Powder to 'NY Times'

U.S.: Iranians witnessed N. Korea missile test

The Red Sea Parts Again

19 July 2006

Tut's gem hints at space impact

4 in 10 Republicans find McCain "unacceptable"

Turkey Signals It's Prepared to Enter Iraq

Bush bars media from Stem Cell Veto ceremony, continuing a trend of massive White House fear of being seen in public with the religious right

Toddler Flips off Bush During Veto Announcement

Homeland Security Spying on US College Kids, Putting Their Names in Foreign Terrorist Database, Simply Because They're Protesting Military Recruiters

Heard this one?

Letterman’s Top 10 Moments of George W Bush

Israeli children write messages on bombs ready to be fired towards 'Hezbollah' targets in southern Lebanon

Bush Blocked Ethics Inquiry, Gonzales Says

18 July 2006

Ralph Reed concedes defeat

N Korea put troops on alert ahead of UN vote

Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel

BREAKING NEWS! America gives Israel one more week to blast the hell out of Hizbullah!

Ma'an: Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour to Flee

Blue Cross Blue Shield Want Sick Microchipped

Video: Touring Lebanon damage, BBC obtains film of object locals claim is downed Israeli jet

Unmarried In North Carolina Now Former 911 Operator Fights For Right To Live With Her Boyfriend

CBS/AP) A North Carolina woman who says her boss threatened to fire her because she was living with her boyfriend should be able to challenge the 200-year-old law that forced her from her job, attorneys argued in court Monday.

Stranded baby whale euthanized

Stories like these break my heart

Bush gives female German Chancellor uninvited neck massage at summit

Indonesia had no way of warning islanders

Taliban take two Afghan towns

Virgin sell passenger space flights

Former CIA Director calls for an attack on Syria

Israel capable of air strike on Iran

Report: Iranian FM to be sent to Damascus

17 July 2006

Al-Aqsa: We kidnapped a soldier in the West Bank


Nationwide heat wave.

Indonesia Quake Triggers 6-Foot Tsunami

Perth, OZ Fireball And Spinning Metal Cylinder

Ahmadinejad: Israel acting like Hitler

General Kristol Needs war, war, war!

Blair faces police questions next month

IDF: Warnings of specific terror attacks in Israel

British PM Blair, UN chief Annan call for deployment of int`l force

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