08 September 2006

Armitage Says He Was Source in CIA Leak

"I made a terrible mistake, not maliciously, but I made a terrible mistake," Armitage said in a telephone interview from his home Thursday night.

ABC alters 9/11 show under pressure

07 September 2006

Bolton vote postponed

Families of September 11 issued the following statement:

As we mark five years since 9/11, we are inundated with the media’s portrayal of that tragic day. Television miniseries, Hollywood films, comic books and countless "documentaries" are dramatizing and sometimes distorting the events leading up to and happening on 9/11.

Families of September 11 believes the best way to honor those who were lost is to make sure that what happened to them never happens again. As such, we must understand exactly what took place, and not allow "entertainers" to promote misleading or incorrect information as fact to the public.

If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Any depiction of 9/11 that is not accurate and actual propagates myths, myths that may cause us future harm.
In order to make our country safer and more secure, we owe it to those who were lost to acknowledge that
which took place, so that we can ensure it never happens again.


Bin Laden, 9/11 hijackers in newly released video...Again

Right on Schedule..This is getting oh so tiresome already.

EU lawmakers demand to know location of CIA jails

STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - European lawmakers demanded on Thursday that their governments reveal the location of secret CIA prisons after U.S. President George Bush admitted Washington held terrorist suspects in jails abroad.

Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

U.S. Anti-Missile Shield Could Spark Arms Race: Russian Army Chief

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

Israeli-US Strategy: Lebanon and Iran

Senate Democratic leadership threatens Disney with legal and legislative sanctions

The Senate Democratic leadership just threatened Disney's broadcast license. Not the use of the word "trustee" at the beginning of the letter and "trust" at the end. This is nothing less than an implicit threat that if Disney tries to meddle in the US elections on behalf of the Republicans, they will pay a very serious price when the Democrats get back in power, or even before.

Karl Rove: "I change constitutions, I put churches in schools"

NYT: Disney/ABC filmmaker admits they just made stuff up


06 September 2006

Condi uses Civil War to slap Iraq critics

Canada: Orthodox Jew forced off plane

Press secretary to the president of Pakistan tells ABC Osama bin Laden will not be captured if he agrees to live 'peaceful life'

He's Dead Anyway..

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts

Nearly 70 percent of cleanup workers!$$@%#

5 Years to figure this out?????????????

Calling Their Bluff: Bolton Will Not Be Confirmed

ABC Planning Massive Free Distribution of 9/11 Docudrama

65% of Republicans think, wrongly, that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks

Blair to resign next July

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair will step down on July 26 after quitting as Labour Party leader on May 31 next year, the Sun reports in its Wednesday edition.

Has Bush Gone over The Edge?

Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job'

Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World

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