14 October 2006

North Korea evacuates its citizens from Japan

What they didn't want you to see

Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay

The Orionid Meteor Shower: See the Legacy of Halley's Comet

Army "Big Brother" Unit Targets Bloggers

Discoveries in Saturn's Dark

Bill O'Reilly: Don't believe 9/11? You hate your country.

13 October 2006

Feds Probe Trip That Congressman Jim Kolbe, R-Arizona Made With Pages

Turkish/Armenian Border Heats Up

Friday 13th 2006 - BIG FIRE BALL OVER ROME -ITALY (link in italian

Source: U.S. has evidence of radioactivity from N. Korea

Evangelist: Hastert Promised Me ‘In One Week, He Will Be Stepping Down’

British Army chief: ‘We must quit Iraq soon’

The Army could 'break' if it is kept too long in Iraq and British troops should be withdrawn 'soon', the head of the Army has said today.

Rove’s October Surprise Is Still Out There

On Sept. 21, Raw Story reported that Karl Rove was telling conservative groups that he had a surprise scheduled for the last two weeks of October that would turn the midterms in the Republicans’ favor.

Now, as mid-October approaches, we have to assume that Rove’s other shoe will drop within a week or so.

Conservative group alleges gay GOP is really network of undercover liberals

Ha ha, Let them all finish off eachother!

No Bush Left Behind The President's brother Neil is making hay from school reform

South Korean troops told to be ready

October 13, 2006 ㅡ In a message to the armed forces, Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung gave orders yesterday to be ready around the clock to repel any possible threat and provocation from North Korea, the Defense Ministry said.

Exclusive: Book says Bush just using Christians

12 October 2006

North Korea threatens Japan

North Korea Will Test H-Bomb

Young shoppers want to pay with chip in skin

11 October 2006

Hastert duped into letting stranger inside

Bush: 'Cut and run' rhetoric result of less 'sophisticated vocabulary'

Peres to Assad: Visit Israel if want peace talks

AP Exclusive: Reid Got $1M in Land Sale

Jupiter's smaller spot getting redder

Lightning exits woman's bottom

A WOMAN has suffered severe burning to her anus after being struck by lightning which hit her in the mouth and passed right through her body.

Yankees pitcher dies in N.Y. plane crash

VIDEO: McCain Blames Clinton For North Korean Nuke Test

Soccer fans create 'human swastika'

In Hour of Need, Hastert Turns to -- Nut-Job Evangelist?

654,000 deaths tied to Iraq war

Putin informs Bush on journalist murder case investigation

Olbermann: “Why does habeas corpus hate America”

North Korea threatens more nuclear tests

10 October 2006

America Blog Stock Drops

1 Post after another on Foley. All Foley, all the time.
Get life, not everyone has to be Gay.

Video of Bush 'assassination' circulates

Moonie to Become New Head of UN???!!!!


Time Capsule sent from Mexican pyramid

09 October 2006

US detects second N Korea 'blast'

BREAKING NEWS: Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater

08 October 2006

Should Everest be closed?

Smoking No Longer Très Chic in France

Conservative Christian leader James Dobson says Mark Foley's stalking of children was little more than "a joke"

Summary: James Dobson and Daniel Henninger both echoed a claim previously made by Matt Drudge and Michael Savage that the sexually explicit communications that Rep. Mark Foley allegedly engaged in with former congressional pages were "sort of a joke" or a "prank[]" on the part of the former pages.

NATO chief warns of Afghan tipping point

KABUL, Afghanistan - NATO's top commander in Afghanistan said Sunday the country was at a tipping point and warned Afghans would likely switch their allegiance to resurgent Taliban militants if there are no visible improvements in people's lives in the next six months.

AP: Allen didn't disclose stock options

Geysers of mud and water are spewing forth from the site of a natural gas well, submerging eight villages

Outspoken Putin critic shot dead in Moscow

N. Korea warns S.Korea of "catastrophic consequences"

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea warned of catastrophic consequences on Sunday if South Korea's military engaged in "unforgivable military provocation" like the weekend skirmish at a heavily fortified border between the two Koreas.
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